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28 février 2023

Emergence of ethical dilemmas two-years COVID-19 : executives’ lived experiences and lessons learned

(Photo : Anastasiya Vragova - Nervous - Pixabay)

Conference: SIBR – Bangkok de février 2023

This research paper investigates the lived experience and reality of executives and organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic under 4 specific themes; temporality, blind spots, perceived ethical dilemmas, and lessons learned. A qualitative approach using semi-structured interviews in complement with focus groups has been used to explore participants’ (n=100) those themes. The qualitative analysis and the results has permitted us to identify common threads ranging from the various needs on adaptation, the importance of social responsibilities, and the strong interrelations between individuals, organizations and governments and authorities. Primarily, the results show the ethical angle emerging from the conflict between regulations and adaptability, and the organizational procedures and individual freedom. This paper brings forth the richness of the executives’ lived experience, through an ethical lens, thereby unlocking the potential of lessons learned of a two-years pandemic for future research.

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