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November 30, 2021

Academic Persistence for Students Involved in the Accelerated Education Program in Dadaab Refugee Camp

Olivier Arvisais, Patrick Charland and François Audet have written this article published in Refuge: Canada’s Journal on Refugees

Authors : Olivier Arvisais, Patrick Charland, François Audet, Yannick Skelling-Desmeules

The academic community has highlighted the lack of research into accelerated education programs (AEPs) in refugee camps. Furthermore, AEPs take different forms in different countries. Generally speaking, however, several AEPs in different parts of the world are known for their low attendance rates. Accordingly, this article presents the key barriers causing absenteeism or preventing students from continuing their education within the program in Dadaab Refugee Camp. Our study shows that humanitarian action itself plays a significant role in pupil academic persistence. Also, flexible schedules are not a solution to absenteeism in AEP.

The complete article is available here, or can be downloaded in PDF format.

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